How redirects work

Once you are done installing the app, it is time to create your first redirect, go to the redirects tab on the left side menu in Admin:

It would look like this for the first time:

You would need to press the green button saying (Add Redirect), the you will be taken to this page:

as you see here, the app has two redirecting options: Domain Redirect, and Strict Redirect.

The Domain Redirect option will redirect customers from a page on one website to the same page on another website. which means that the app will just replace the domain name of one store and will open the same page on the other one. to use this option the two stores should have exactly the same structure.

As for the Strict Redirect option, a customer will be redirected directly to the homepage of another store from any page.

On the left side you see two sections, a green one and a red one:

the green one is of the list of countries or IPs that the redirects would apply to, the red one is for the list of countries or IPs that the redirects would be excluded from.

after choosing the list of countries and the redirect that you want to setup, you need to hit the green (Save) button at either the top or bottom of the page, to save your work.

please note that the app won't save if you have not chosen any countries under the green section, and it would show an error like this

Updated on: 03/09/2023

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