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How to avoid being redirected

while working on your website, you may have a collaborator that is not local to your geolocation, and you would want them to access the website the same way you do and avoid being redirected, first thing that comes to mind is using a VPN but that would be extra cost and may not be available for certain locations, but no worries as we have two more options for you:

You may exclude an IP address directly from the redirection rule. It can be done by editing your existing redirect rule and specifying the required IP address in the Exclude Countries or IP Address section

You may add the #redirectoff parameter at the end of the website URL, so the redirection won't work in this case. But please note that if you decide to check the work of the app, you'll need to clear your browser cache and cookies and use an ordinary link without #redirectoff at the end.

Updated on: 07/02/2024

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