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Popup Box Options

The Popup box option, which is basically to show a popup box on your store asking the store visitor if they would like to be redirected, with two options "yes" and "No".

That option has a few settings:

Perform redirect without confirmation for next visits:

In case your store visitor presses the "Yes" button, enabling that option would save a cookie on the visitors browser to remember the visitor's choice and not show them the popup box the next time they visit they store, if they hit "No" the popup box will be hidden for 3 hours and they will see it again after that.

Display again after closing with cross:

Allows you to choose a period of time from a drop down menu of when to show the box again after the visitor closes the box without a choice using the ( at the top right corner of the box.

Show redirects list for customers to switch domains:

This option adds a dropdown list of all the domains that you have listed on your redirects, allowing your customers to choose a different domain from this list.

The store Title allows you to change the name of your store on the dropdown list of the previous option.

The Popup Box also has a few customization settings:

The setting on the right side of the page allows you to control the colors of the box, buttons, and the text.

The setting on the bottom allows you to control the text on the banner and the buttons.

Also, the "Add Localization" button, which allows you to add more locales to your redirection text that is displayed on the banner.

Please note that displaying the added locales mainly depends on the browser language settings of your store visitor and not on their location, Eg. if your visitor is located in France but using his browser in English, the text displayed on the banner would be in English and not in French!

Updated on: 18/01/2024

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